The Gwara Fellowship Program is geared at identifying the next generation of African Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology Fields. We will accept applications for the current batch of Fellowship intakes until July 2, 2021. The Program begins on September 3, 2021. There is a $500 fee to attend the Gwara Program (A few waivers for this fee may be available dependent on financial circumstances). We work with mentors and coaches from the top schools across the world and are confident in our abilities to get you in. The program runs virtually for 12 weeks and combines pre-recorded video libraries and tutorials, compulsory coaching workshops and access to 24/7 discussion forums for any questions you may have. Please note that admissions are rolling and spots are limited so it is to your advantage to apply early.

We lookout for the following

People passionate about solving the worlds greatest problems and who have demonstrated intellectual ability/impact in their academic, professional and extra curricular lives

Citizens of any African country who are currently residing in Africa

Must have completed a STEM-related Bachelors or Masters Degree (e.g. Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Computer Science, Actuarial Science, etc.) at a university located in Africa within the last 10 years

Must have attained an aggregate grade of 65% or 2.1 or second class upper for undergraduate studies or higher

Can commit 8-10 hours every week for GRE study, weekly virtual workshops, assignments that directly aid your application process and consultations with Gwara coaches

Intending to begin study in Masters degree in a STEM field in the US in 2022




Application Deadline


Submit an online application that includes your transcripts, personal details, CV, and a few short form essays highlighting your achievements and career aspirations. We will reach out to shortlisted candidates for virtual interviews. The purpose of the interview is to understand your motivations, drive, and give you a chance to ask us any questions you have about the program.


Our next Fellowship Cohort for Masters Applicants begins on September 3, 2021, for those intending to begin their degree in 2022. The deadline to apply is July 2, 2021.


We will utilize our proprietary algorithm to develop a personalized review of your profile and recommend which top 150 schools and programs you have the best chances of getting into. Under our program, you are required to apply to a minimum of 3 schools we recommend

All STEM degrees in the US require you to take the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test. We provide study resources and coaching to enable you to put your best foot forward for the test

Assistance in crafting your CV and personal statements to stand out to the admissions committees of the schools you are applying to

We will support you in applying for externally-funded and school funded scholarships although we can not guarantee the outcomes of these.

Throughout your time in college, you will get free access to our career placement services and mentorship from our global network of professionals and entrepreneurs who will guide you through your journey

After successfully completing the program join our elite network of motivated, ambitious African professionals & entrepreneurs across the world. The networking and career guidance resources we provide will enable you to propel your career to the greatest heights

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